Non-Governmental Organisation And Social Entrepreneurship Growth In Niger State Of Nigerial

Mercy M. Adeyeye

Social entrepreneurship (SE) has become a vehicle for meeting the social needs of the disadvantaged through the activities of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). The phenomenal growth in NGOs especially in the Niger State of Nigeria, and the corresponding rise deprivation among other social ills calls for a study into the relationship between NGOs and SE growth. In this paper, a framework is built in which NGOs employs the forms of parent-organisation, sources of income and others as determinants of SE. Through interviews and regression analysis, the study concludes that majority of the NGOs are not operating in the normal not-for-profit model that is independent of political control and interference. The implications of this development and the need to reorient NGOs as agents for boosting SE are elaborately discussed in the study.


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